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Habitat: Latin America
Status: Least Concern

This is one epic bat. Seriously, besides the Honduran White Tent Bat these guys might be my new favorite bat species. Let me tell you why. First off, I have a major obesession with bulldogs and I’m not afraid to admit it. I love their squashed faces and labored breathing and one day I WILL own one. Mark my words. Now, this has to do with this bat because it’s known as the Greater Bulldog Bat (Noctilio leporinus) and I think you can gather why. Just look at those jowls! I hope they drool as much as bulldogs do (is there something wrong with me?).

The jowls aren’t just there to make the bulldog bat look adorable – they form around cheek pouches this bat uses to store chewed up fish (similar to those of chipmunks – see the third picture). Yes, you read that correctly. These bats are one of the only species of fishing bat; they actually trawl ponds and streams hunting for fish! Using echolocation, the bat will circle high above water detecting ripples in the water made by fish. Once it gets a hit, the bat will swoop down low above the surface and rake its clawed feet in straight lines along the water until it has successfully captured a fishy dinner.

Check out those [super sketchy] feetsies:

It’s also equipped with a 3 ft wingspan to make it even more ominous-looking. So have I convinced you on why this is the coolest bat evarrrr?! If I haven’t, definitely check out this clip from BBC’s Life… and then bow down to the Bulldog Bat.