golden-collared toucanet, Selenidera reinwardtii

photo via: surfbirds

golden-collared toucanet, Selenidera reinwardtii

photo: Nick Athanas

Habitat: western Amazon rainforest in South America
Status: Least Concern

Did you know there are little, miniature versions of your classic toucan flying about out there? Well, you do now! This is just one example of a species of toucanet, the Golden-collared Toucanet (Selenidera reinwardtii). It’s a beautiful little bird, only reaching 12-14 inches in length and weighing between 4.5-7.1 oz.

What I love about this bird, aside from its beautiful rainbow-colored face, is its bizarre courtship behavior. It will sit on a branch and fall forward, then back upright, all while making a loud noise that sounds almost like “groink!” Really the best way to describe it is to just see for yourself, so watch below: