Schistometopum Thomense, Sao Tome caecilian, cobra bobo (2)

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Habitat: São Tomé and Ilhéu das Rolas.
Status: Least Concern

This bright yellow, worm-like creature is the São Tomé Caecilian (Schistometopum thomense) but it’s locally known as the Cobra Bobo. Why… I’m not really too sure. But I love it.

This caecilian (legless amphibian) grows to around 12 inches in length and is commonly found in large numbers in the banana plantations on the island, among other places in the moist lowland forests. Maybe the bright yellow color comes from all the bananas it hangs around with. That’s my very scientific guess.

Like most caecilians, the Cobra Bobo has very limited vision since it lives primarily underground. Instead of using vision to get around, it has two small ‘tentacles’ on either side of its eyes that it uses to feel out the world around it.

I’m not sure if it employs the same appetizing feeding strategy with its young as this Ringed Caecilian, but one can only hope. Because doesn’t eating your mothers skin sound like such a delicious treat?!