This little bundle of joy which does not yet have a name is the size of a tennis ball. That might seem small to you, but that’s after doubling in size since it was born two months ago. Back then it was about the size of a golf ball! The little bugger was born to proud parents, Zowie and Ollie in June, he has been the center of attention at Florida’s Busch Gardens animal park.

Rangers in the Jambo Junction area of the family park in Tampa Bay, Florida are keeping a watchful eye on the eight-week-old Three Banded armadillo for now, but once the baby reaches 72 days old, it will be strong enough to survive without its mother’s milk and ready to explore the park on its own.

When the armadillo was welcomed into the world he was blind and could easily fit into the palm of a hand, but he has quickly learned to walk and close its shell and has a tasty appetite for ants and termites, which it scoops up with its long sticky tongue.

Staff at the animal park is still puzzling over what to call the little rascal and are looking for suggestions from visitors to name the third member of the Three Banded Armadillo family. 

Any suggestions you guys?