hartebeestimage credit: Cedric Favero

hartebeestimage credit: wildlife-pictures-online.com

hartebeestimage credit: wildernis.com.na
Habitat: West, East, & South Africa

At first glance this grassland antelope, called a Hartebeest, looks a bit ungainly and awkward with its humped shoulders, sloping back, and long, narrow face. But looks can be deceiving for this is actually one of the fastest antelopes and most enduring runners. They are capable of reaching up to 70 kilometers per hour!

It’s short coat comes in a variety of colors, ranging from red, black, to tan or golden brown. Both males and females have horns which I think makes the girls seem way more badass. I always thought it was a double standard in the animal world where males got handsome horns and girls were stuck with nothing. Finally some equality!!