In this article from the Guardian website, BBC showcases several amazing creatures that have only been discovered within the last decade. All in all, over a quarter of a million new species have been found – this is a selection of the best of the best.

pygmy slothA pygmy three-toed sloth and its baby discovered off the coast of Panama. There are only around 200 left in the world

new gecko species A new species in the making … the gecko on the left is a the Langkawi island bent-toed gecko that has adapted to living in a cave, where it is protected from pit vipers.

new lemur species A brand new species of lemur is believed to have been discovered during the making of the programme. The phaner lemur – nocturnal with forked markings – was discovered by Russ Mittermeier, the president of Conservation International, who already has two lemurs named after him. Scientists are conducting a genetic analysis to determine whether the species is new.

sengi Related to the elephant, the grey-faced sengi is a species of elephant-shrew discovered in Tanzania. The species is extremely endangered as it is known in only two areas, both of which are prone to fires and are experiencing expanding human settlement.

barreleye fish The barreleye fish, already known as a species but filmed in the deep for the first time by the Monterey Bay aquarium research institute. The green orbs are its eyes, directed upwards to detect its prey in silhouette through its transparent head.

big red jellyfish The big red jellyfish, one metre wide, and still a mystery as to what it feeds on.

The longest stick insect known to science, Chan’s megastick, is just over 56cm long. It was found in Borneo.

epaulette shark This small epaulette shark ‘walks’ across the sea floor on its fins, swimming away when danger looms. This species was discovered in the Bird’s Head region in Papua in the Indonesian archipelago. Scientists say it may be the most biologically diverse area in all the marine world.