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budgett's frogimage credit: scserp.com

Habitat: Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia
Status: on the verge of being listed as a threatened species

So let’s analyze the Budgett’s frog for a minute here. If you were a princess & you had to kiss a frog to find your prince…. would this be the one to get the smooch?

Budgett’s frog is also known as a Hippo frog because of its comically wide mouth and plump body with legs that appear way too small for it. Sounds kinda cute right? It really does look cute with its googly eyes and seemingly innocent smile. And that baby really does seem very sweet and the picture of the guy holding Budgett’s frog makes it look squishy and mushy – very enticing characteristics for a Princess.

But the Budgett’s frog has a little secret. The Hippo frog isn’t its only other alias, you see. This frog also goes by the name of… the “Freddy Kreuger” frog. Not so pleasant now, right? When the frog gets frightened it will open its alarmingly large mouth and emit a grunt or a shrill scream while simultaneously exposing its two sharp protrusions (not teeth, but they serve the same purpose). They WILL bite cha. Check out the video to see what I’m talking about:

So Princess, to kiss or not to kiss? That is the question.

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