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I love sharing my passion for animals with all of you more than anything. Sadly, it takes a lot of money creating and maintaining Featured Creature. Aside from research, writing, and photography tools, things like WordPress, CDN, SEO, and hosting add up!

My new gift shop is the perfect place to get your pet, yourself, or an animal lover in your life something shiny and new! You can spend less time researching gifts — and you can support this blog. Every time you make a purchase, a small commission percentage of anything you buy with my partners goes to maintaining this site. This comes at no extra cost to you.

This shop not only allows me to share my favorite products from trusted brands (as opposed to me creating my own), but the partnership opportunities are endless. This means that I can genuinely choose to share my favorite products — unsponsored. It has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with what I would personally like to recommend.

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