rock hyraximage credit: Heaven`s Gate (John)
rock hyraximage credit: floridapfe
Habitat: across Africa & the Middle East

Rock hyraxes are fat balls of cute that scurry about the rocks of Africa and the Middle East in herds of around 80 individuals.

They have two features which I particularly like:

1: FEET!

Rock hyraxes have the plumpest little feetsies that are kept moist
with sweat glands. Ok, so I won’t be giving them foot massages anytime soon since I’m not a fan

of wet feet, but I will give them a nice tickle.


rock hyrax teeth
Ok so they’re not actually tusks, but rather pointed tusk-like upper incisors. However, the hyrax is distantly related to elephants so it’s not that far off.

P.s. Sorry for the lame title, I’m extremely tired and couldn’t think of anything catchy lol.