Ornate Fruit Dove
ornate fruit birdimage credit: Bruce M. Beehler, via news.bbc.co.uk

Rose Crowned Fruit Dove

rose crowned fruit doveimage credit: Chris Charles, via ibc.lynxeds.com

Jambu Fruit Dove

jambu fruit doveimage credit: borneobirds.com

Many-colored Fruit Dove

many colored fruit doveimage credit: ryanphotographic.com

Orange Fruit Dove
orange fruit doveimage credit: aviceda.org

Pink-headed Fruit Dove
pink headed fruit doveimage credit: Nathan Rupert, via flickr.com
Habitat: Southeast Asia & Oceania

These drop-dead gorgeous birds are all members of the genus Ptilinopus in the dove & pigeon family. There are 50 different species, and each is just as beautiful as the next. Fruit doves are shy, so little is known about their nesting and breeding habits. All we do know is they make very pretty babies!