Hooded Visorbearer - Augastes lumachella
 © Almir
Hooded Visorbearer - Augastes lumachella
Habitat: Brazil
Status: Near Threatened
All this magnificent hummingbird wants to do is impress the ladies! The Hooded Visorbearer (Augastes lumachella) is a stunning specimen that wants to look his best by wearing a rainbow-feathered bow-tie… for all occasions. Because really, a rainbow bow-tie will ALWAYS catch a female’s eye. As if that weren’t alluring enough, the males also have a black crest of feathers which they can pop up when they so choose. I’m sold.
Sadly, this species faces habitat loss and is now on the ICUN threatened list. For the love of all things rainbow, we must protect the Hooded Visorbearer!