long eared hedgehogimage credit: izismile.com

long eared hedgehogimage credit: nl.treknature.com

long eared hedgehogimage credit: Ran, BlueLunarRose

long eared hedgehogimage credit: treknature.com

long eared hedgehogimage credit: image credit: Ran, BlueLunarRose
Habitat: Central Asian Countries and Caucasus mountains.

This prickly little creature is a Long-eared Hedgehog. I don’t know what it is exactly, but big ears just add several layers of cuteness on to an already adorable animal.

The Long-eared Hedgehog uses grasses to make a comfy, cozy nest where it spends its time relaxing. It’s really the only place a Long-eared Hedgehog can relax since it has numerous predators that are out to get its thorny little butt. It also nuzzles up for the months of October through March when it hibernates.

I know this creature looks amazingly kissable (well, except on the spiky parts!) but make sure you purchase one from a reputable source if you are going to get one for a pet. Why, you ask? Well they are prone to parasites and many wild hedgehogs have been found with Brown Dog Ticks on them which can trasmit Boutonneuse fever. You definitely don’t want to get it, unless you enjoy bites that form black, ulcerous crusts….. sounds pleasant huh?