falcated duckimage credit: Keith Marshall 

falcated duckimage credit: pbase.com
falcated duckimage credit: birdskorea.org
falcated duckimage credit: ejphoto.com
breeds from southern Siberia to northeast China, Korea, and northern Japan, wintering to southern Japan, east and south China, and Vietnam.
Status: Near Threatened


This is the beautiful Falcated Duck. The creature is one of the members of the subfamily Anatinae, which includes dabbling ducks – those ducks which feed mainly at the surface rather than diving.

Sadly, due to overhunting this creature is now Near Threatened and is in risk of becoming endangered. It is recognized by its speckled gray feathers and dark green head with a bronzed crown (for males). The females are rather boring looking, with dark brown feathers. The long beak is also another identifiable characteristic.

One of the most beautiful ducks I’ve come across that’s for sure! Anyone know of any others?