I read about this silly warthog over at The Daily What and it gave me a good laugh. Thought I’d share it with you guys, too!

“Chris and Sandra sent TDW a charming email — “Only In Africa!” — complete with pic, about their friends’ encounter with a real-life Pumbaa:

They had been away at a game park and on the first evening, while sitting in front of the fire in the bar, in walked a fully grown warthog. He walked over to the bar and without a word the bar man handed him a pillow.
He took the pillow in his mouth, dropped it next to the fire and promptly lay down with his head on the pillow and went to sleep where, apparently he spends the cold nights.
In the morning he’s off into the bush again!  My friend says that if the barman isn’t there, he’ll just grab a pillow off one of the couches!

Hard to say whether it’s real, but here’s hoping.”

I totally believe it. Looks way more appealing than sleeping next to a hungry lion.