I’ve been wanting to start a special photographer spotlight section on The Featured Creature for some time now since there are so many incredible wildlife photographers out there that don’t really get the attention they deserve (much like the weird animals showcased on this blog).

SO, to start things off here is a small sample of Israeli-born photographer Matan Golan’s work. In her words, she’s a “novice nature photographer” but based on these photos I would say she’s anything but!

After serving in the Israeli military, Matan traveled to Africa to focus on her love of wildlife photography. It was there that she really connected again with the world and it’s clear from her photos that her eye for detail is incredibly strong.

She’s currently studying 3D animation and VFX in Tel-Aviv IAC collage, but her main goal is to make a living as a freelance nature photographer. If these photos are any indication of the talent she has, it doesn’t seem like she’ll have any problem finding work! To view more of her superb photographer, visit her website here.

And if you or anyone you know is an incredible nature photographer and deserves to have the spotlight put on them for a change, please email me to let me know! 🙂