So I’m sorry that this photo contest had to be pushed two days back. You don’t know how frustrated I’ve been with this evil internet connection! One second it would be working perfectly and then the next you sat there pressing refresh 100 times before you pulled your hair out. BUT without further a do here are your photo contest entries:


On rainy hot summer nights in Lenexa, Texas, reader Forest Fisk generally encounters this chunky little blob of a toad. He had wanted to name her Fred but instead settled on Fredrika as she did seem a bit more lady-like.

“Colonel of Cuddles”

Here’s Teresa from Ontario, Canada with her cuddly snake, Colonel. Who knew coils could be so cuddly?

“A Nice Guy with Red Eyes”

This amazing photo of a Red-eyed Tree Frog was shot by reader Woody who explains that you, too, can get an opportunity to take some cool pictures of your own. He’s a volunteer for an organization that takes trips to places like Ecuador where participants get a chance to encounter and photograph some really spectacular creatures. If you’re interested check it out here: Reptiles and Amphibians.

“You Talkin’ To Me, Punk?”

This squirrel had quite the ‘tude according to Alexis from Gloucester, Massachusetts. She said, “If you got close to his nuts he looked at you like you better back off or else.” That’s completely understandable to me. Who really wants to share their nuts?

Happy voting everyone! Get your votes in by this Saturday when I announce the winner! The poll is up on the right of the site.