Purple People Eater?

Nic took this crazy cool photo of a Purple Land Crab near waterfalls inland on the isle of Taveuni in Fiji. I’ve never seen a crab this colorful, but I’m sure glad I have now!

Horseshoe Crab Takeover

Mars was incredibly lucky to witness this wild spawning event for Horseshoe Crabs along the Delaware coast. I think the shore birds were equally as fortunate to be present for the event…

I Wanna Wallaby

When Loren sent in this photo of some Rock Wallabies from Brisbane, Australia he included in the message, “Don’t you want to hug them?” Well to answer your question Loren, I don’t just ant to hug one but I WANT one. Then I could hug it always!

A Quiet Koi Pond

Samantha has a wonderfully calming picture of a Koi Pond at the Bronx Zoo to share with us!

Caterpillar = Butterfly

Derek caught a Eastern Comma Butterfly caterpillar for his Zoology class and decided to try and raise it into a beautiful butterfly. Low and behold, he succeeded! When its wings are folded up, the butterfly looks much like a dead leaf and the outlines of its wings do serve to increase the camouflage. Check out Daniel’s Biology site as well – Normal Biology.

Mice Models

Chelsea McFarland has a very sweet and understanding boyfriend who lets her keep her pet SIX female mice in his apartment. She decided to take them out for a photoshoot one day and has decided to share this super cute pic with us! Those mice look like the best of friends.

Good luck everyone and happy voting!!