Baby Squirreliez

baby squirrelsNiobi is an angel to squirrels, especially itty-bitty baby ones that needed help during Hurricane Francis in 2004. She hand fed these little guys for a week before an animal rehabber had room to take care of them. As she explained, “Needless to say, they were overwhelmed with animals that year.”

Call me Pickle.

lovebird hybrid

This is Mars’ pet Lovebird hybrid named Petty Officer Pickle Parker, or Pickle for short (of course). She sent in this wonderful action shot for us to enjoy!

Hello Mr. Mantis

praying mantis in yard

Samantha had a visitor to backyard last summer that looked a little bit alien. The Praying Mantis is one of her favorite creatures, and she was incredibly happy that he stuck around that summer so that she could spot him on several occasions.

I’m Having Fish For Lunch

fish eating fish

Bryce works in a lab where he was doing a respiratory experiment on fish. The Smoothead sculpin wasn’t doing so well, so the other fish – a Cabezon – decided to take advantage of this fact by grabbing some quick lunch. From then on, Bryce kept the two species in different tanks.

Monkey Boat Hopper

monkey on boatTeresa was on a boat ride in Nicaragua when this cute monkey jumped on board in hopes of getting a tasty treat from the passengers. It turned out that it was actually a pet monkey confined to one of the smaller islands on the lake they were sailing. Pets are always so spoiled.

Goooood luck!

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