Googly-eyed Snail

Alexis was in Sanibel, Fl looking for some pretty shells when she found this one. She picked it up only to find there was something else that had thought that shell was pretty! She said that the little animal tried to nick her with its sharp digging “claw” while she held him up for the camera! His googly eyes are SO cute!

Trek, the Bearded Dragon

Sarah Kendall is the proud owner of a Bearded Dragon named Tek and she decided to share his pretty face with the rest of us!
Green Tree Ants On the Move

Loren Swenson from Minnesota captured this cool shot of some Green Tree Ants while in Queensland, Australia. She took this photo on a bicycle trip from Cairns to Byron Bay on
the north-east coast of Australia. Being on bicycle and staying in
state and national parks, she had the chance to see and photograph many
interesting species. Luckily, she never received a bite from this notoriously painful ant.

Katydid Beauty Shot

Here’s Mark Yokoyama’s great shot of a Katydid with striking green eyes. He says it’s probably the species Nesonotus sp., and that the photo was taken on the hat was taken on Pic Paradis, the tallest mountain on the island of St. Martin in the French West Indies.

Just a Jelly

This is Katja Rockstroh’s jellyfish that is happily swimming along for your votes! 🙂

Majestic Bucks

Allison from Ohio was fortunate to get this shot of some large bucks. She had been driving through the highlands of Scotland near Ben Hope and was “lucky to get so close before they turned tail and ran”

Warrior the Courageous Napper

Jess Ransdell-Smith has a mighty cute pup here for you all to vote on. His name is Warrior and he’s a greyhound – asleep in one of his favorite positions. He looks pretty happy 🙂

Instant Wake-up

Niobi Williams from Lakeland, Fl stumbled upon this Black Racer Snake when trying to capture another snake’s photo that had been hiding under a van. She rose up to find this guy only a foot from her face and as she puts it, “I definitely didn’t need coffee that morning.”

A Supposed Alligator Smile

Tammy List is a volunteer at the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar , CA where she gets to take care of many cool creatures like this North American Alligator. She said he was giving her a big smile (or hiss!!) for the camera.

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