© CI/Pior Nascrecki
© Paul
Pterochroza sp. Peacock Katydid
Pterochroza sp. Peacock Katydid 
© Robert Oelman
Habitat: rainforests of South America
Status: Not Listed

If you’re ever trudging along in the Amazonian jungle you better watch your step – you could be about to crush a Peacock Katydid (Pterochroza ocellata)! These incredible insects look exactly like dead/rotting leaves to the untrained eye (that’s their primary defense against predators).

However, even if you do get within inches of this little beasty, you still might not squash it. The Peacock Katydid has another trick up its sleeve: When threatened, it will take a “defense stance,” unfolding its wings to reveal two menacing eye spots. It will just stand like that trying to freak you out. Usually that’s all the katydid needs to do to get out of a dangerous situation scot-free.

Check out this video to get a 360° view of that crazy pose!