Habitat: across the Indo-Australian region from Pakistan to the Philippines, and south via the Malay peninsula to Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, Java and New Guinea
Status: No Conservation Concerns
Drury’s Jewel moth (Cyclosia papilionaris) looks like a little piece of candy that was crafted out of those Lite Brite pegs. Remember that game? After looking at this caterpillar you should be in a deep trance of nostalgia.
Lite Brite

Don’t get too comfortable though! Take a look at the first and third pictures – do you see the little droplets it’s exuding from those spines? As with most colorful creatures in nature, the brighter the hues the farther you should stay away. Those are cyanide droplets our little jewel is oozing. Yes, cyanide, the poison. So let me leave you with a “drop” of advice – don’t lick pretty caterpillars!

the adult
© Trung Phung My