Habitat: Northeast Atlantic: Madeira and off Ireland; reported from Iceland
Status: Not Evaluated

There’s something about this fish that looks just a little bit off… it takes you a second to figure out exactly why. Can you tell? Well, personally, I think it looks like it has googly eyes glued to its face, instead of actual eyes! Hence why I’ve dubbed it the Googly Eyes Fish.

The actual name for this deep water denizen is the False Boarfish (Neocyttus helgae) but I think my name is much more appropriate. Someone in the tumblrverse agreed with me, too, since I was able to pull this photo up of a False Boarfish with actual googly eyes plastered to the pic.

I mean, the resemblance is just uncanny.

Maybe its just my affinity for all things googly-eyed, but I happen to really, really like this fish. There’s very little information on it on the interwebs, so for now I just have to come up with my own elaborate stories surrounding this craft project-gone-right of a fish. If you have any you’d like to share, the comments section is ready and waiting for your tales.