Meet Harvey Dent, the black kitten that was born with two faces and named after character’s Two-Face alter-ego in Batman. The Floridian couple was shocked when one of their cat’s kittens had not one, but two meowing faces staring up at them! ‘They simultaneously work together, the two faces.’ Ms Forsyth told the WWSB ABC-7 station. ‘When he eats on one side, it looks like he is eating on the other. When he meows, it comes out of both sides.’

To get some tips on what to do with the kitten, the couple went on Craigslist but received less than useful advice. Amelia Forsythe said: ‘They said I should put it down because it’s an abomination… That I’m an evil person because I would let such a thing live like that’. She added: ‘It shouldn’t be killed just because it’s a little different’.

The birth defect is what is referred to as a Janus cat, after the two-faced Roman god. The initial trip to the vet didn’t reveal any underlying health problems for the sweet little kitten.