After much debate, and consulting both my mother and roommate, I (we) have decided that the winner of the mini crochet octopi giveaway isssssssss……….


Yayyyy! Congrats! I loved your caption: “and here I thought the doctor said I had LICE…” 

I got it! Because they’re mice which sounds similar to liiiice. Ah hah!

Stellar job. Email me to claim your prize ASAP! 

[email protected]

Oh, and of course, thanks again to Jessica Dean (Syppah) the artist who created these little guys! Check out her shop on Etsy to purchase other adorable critters, like this unicorn!!! New designs are typically posted to her Deviantart page before Esty, so make sure to check that out often as well to stay one step ahead of the game. Jessica also takes custom orders so if you have a special request for a crochet plushie, let her know!!  

 “buy meeee and love meeee!”