iridescent betta fish

photo: via

Seller Charnwit_betta on is offering this stop-what-you’re-doing-and-look betta fish for $20.00! I’m always browsing through the betta fish selections on that site and this one really took my breathe away. The unique coloration is just amazing… the body being so dull and almost koi-like set against these billowing translucent fins that almost appear to be made entirely out of cellophane… oh, and let’s not forget the pops of iridescent (almost glowing?) moonstone-like stripes on the tail fin.

If you notice, there are even some scales neatly places around the fish’s cheeks that possess the same otherworldly sheen to them. It almost reminds me of that material used to make Halloween costume fairy wings. Like this:

photo: via partyamerica (it’s for sale, too!)

so.. I guess you could say that this fish almost has its own set of fairy wings! If anyone wants to check it out, the little guy is for sale here. I’ve heard they actually do rather well when shipped and that the sellers take good care to make sure the fish are well-kept. Who knows, I’m just the messenger!