tibetan sand foximage credit: animalpicturesarchive.com

tibetan sand foximage credit: heymister.net

tibetan sand foximage credit: annietown.com
Habitat: Tibetan Plateau in Nepal, China, and India up to altitudes of 5300 m

The Tibetan Sand Fox is hilarious. It looks like some sort of cartoon fox that has its proportions drawn completely wrong. It’s head is quite square, or box-shaped even with small, squinty eyes that give it a curious expression.

If you watch this clip form the from the BBC program Planet Earth you will see that it even stalks its prey in a weird way. It keeps its head stiff while moving its body toward the unsuspecting victim. If that little prairie dog thing were me, I’d probably laugh before realizing I was about to be chomped on, just to kinda go out on a good note ya know?