Jorunna funebrisimage credit:, David Doubilet

Jorunna funebrisimage credit: MerMate

Jorunna funebrisimage credit:

Jorunna funebrisimage credit: John Akar

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Tropical Indo-West Pacific
Status: Not Evaluated

This cute little nudi kind of reminds me of a dalmation or an oreo cookie bar. It’s actually Jorunna funebris or the Polka-dot Jorunna Nudibranch. Those black “spots” are just dark bristles that come out of the creature – actually its entire body is covered in these bristles which gives it an almost fuzzy appearance.

It appears to only eat blue sponges (either Xestospongia or Euplacella cf. australis as well as others). I wonder why blue sponges taste so good? Do they taste like blueberries? If so, sounds delish! Serve me up some blue sponge any day.