Euselenops lunicepsimage credit: David Doubilet, via

Euselenops lunicepsimage credit: Coppertane

Euselenops lunicepsimage credit:
Euselenops lunicepsimage credit:
Habitat: Indo-Pacific
Status: Not Evaluated

So as you’re aware, the nudibranchs that are usually featured every week stand out with their bright colors and intricately detailed patterns. However, this fellow isn’t exactly the most fancily dressed of them all but he is still pretty interesting. Definitely has a unique facial expression going on.

It is rarely seen because it dwells partially buried in the sand during the day, with its rhinophores exposed (scent or taste receptors on top of the head). Euselenops luniceps has a very flat body with a large oral veil that it uses to sift through the sand in an effort to find food.

What do you think of this non-colorful nudibranch?