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image credit: Ken Halanych

image credit: Shandchem, via Flickr
Habitat: North Atlantic, North Sea, Baltic Sea, & Mediterranean

This my friends is a Sea Mouse. Obbbbvviiiiousssllyyy it’s not actually a mouse – it’s a worm. Ew. But oh well. It’s still fluffy? It’s body is covered in a dense mat of chaetae (hairs).

So now you’re probably asking yourself, “Why is the title of this post Naughty, Naughty Sea Mouse?” (as you very well should be).

Answer: The scientific name of the sea mouse is Aphrodita aculeata which is taken from the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. The punch line is when viewed ventrally, the sea mouse resembles a human female’s genitalia. Don’t get too excited out there animal lovers…

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“Sexy can I?”