© Tim White 

 Habitat: Native to Jamaica, Introduced to Bermuda
Status: Least Concern

Back in 2009, I went with my family on vacation to Bermuda. Whilst there I spotted one of the most beautiful lizards I had ever seen. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had been walking back up from the beach and there in front of me was this gorgeous ombre-style lizard. Its colors faded from a jade green to a sky blue to a deep purple and then trailed off into a light dusty brown. Here’s the one snap that I got before it took off: 

I had forgotten about this little guy until now, when I was doing some research on anole species found in Bermuda. I had never known what kind of anole I had spotted that day – but I do now! It’s a Jamaican Anole (Anolis grahami) which was historically endemic to – you guessed it – Jamaica, but was introduced to Bermuda. I remember when I started to get close to it in order to try and get a better photo it started doing “push ups” in front of me and flashing its bright yellow/orange dewlap. Now I’ve learned that this was territorial behavior, basically saying, “back it UP, bro.” It ran away after that, but I guess they will utter a high pitched squeak when attacking so I’m glad it left before things got a little too ferocious for me.

I’m quite happy to have finally solved this four-year-old mystery.