Photo: Juza


Photo: Jonathan Sequeira via ProjectNoah.org

Habitat: Caribbean and Central America
Status: Not Listed

I’m going to be honest with you guys. There is absolutely no information on this incredible “glowing” blue snail anywhere on the interwebs! Just some dazzling photos and poof – that’s it! Well, except for the fact that they are sometimes collected living on bromeliad plants in the tropical rainforests they call home. So, basically, they’re bromeliad bros. Blue bromeliad bros that look like they’ve been feasting on some radioactive junk food.

Of course they don’t actually glow, but they definitely have this translucent, opalescent quality that makes it appear like they do. Now here’s the million dollar question: what do their slime trails look like? Fingers crossed it looks like faerie goop!!

I swear if I had a dime for every time I saw some blue snail slime… I’d have no dimes. 🙁