Here’s a series of incredible moths that seem to be mimicking other (larger/scarier/fiercer) creatures. May I present to you some #mothmashups. 


First up is our Tiger doppelgänger, Amata annulata. I’d definitely prefer to cross paths with this moth rather than its ferocious counterpart, however. Somehow I picture fighting off a moth to be easier than a tiger. *Somehow*

Snow Leopard  

© normanack

© Pam Morris

While this moth does look extremely similar to a Snow Leopard (Hypercompe scribonia), you won’t find them traipsing through the snow in Siberia.  These guys are distributed throughout the Southern and Eastern United States from New England to Mexico. Definitely not anywhere near as exotic.


 © Jill Hall

Cheetah moths, cheetah sisters! (Disney’s Cheetah Girls? Anyone? Anyone?) Eh, basically this moth looks like a cheetah. It’s called Argyrogrammana stilbe holosticta. Cheetah moth is easier to go with.
Ya dig?


This Pyralid Moth (Dichocrocis zebralis) is the spitting image of a zebra (and look, even the scientists who named it thought so!!!!). In this case, it’s a dirty zebra caked in mud from a long days journey from watering hole to watering hole. And that’s the story I’m sticking to.


© putzmarie

Okay so here’s the ultimate mashup of mashups: the Giraffe-Leopard-Tiger. Boo. YA! Also known as the Garden Tiger Moth (Arctia caja) I’m pretty sure its ‘tiger’ name was ultimately chosen just to give it some form of identity. But really, it’s going to need a lot of therapy to sort out exactly who and WHAT it is.