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Habitat: Madagascar

Looking at this beautiful frog, you would probably think it would have a specific name to define it by. You would be wrong.

This Madagascan frog goes by:

Malagasy Rainbow Frog
Ornate Hopper

Rainbow Burrowing Frog
Red Rain Frog

Gottlebe’s Narrow-mouthed Frog

Whew! If those are just his common first names, how long do you think the list of nick names is?!?!

He has a lot of time to come up with them, since he typically spends up to 10 months underground just living on insects.

And here’s a proud moment for any Red Rain Frog mother: In 2008, the Malagasy rainbow frog was named as “being among the rarest and most remarkable amphibians” on the planet by the Zoological Society of London.