amazon horned frogimage credit:
amazon horned frogimage credit:
amazon horned frogimage credit: lornali.comamazon horned frog

image credit: Kenneth Deitcher,
throughout the Amazon Basin, from Colombia to Brazil
Status: Not Evaluated 

Quite an impressive mouth on this Amazon Horned Frog huh? Well its size is also something to brag about, as it grows to be about 8 inches long and would cover a good size tea saucer easily. They take a pretty conventional method in reaching their substantial girth – eating whatever they can find.Yes in fact these voracious and incredibly territorial creatures have been found dead with a much larger creature protruding from their mouths. I guess their eyes are bigger than their stomachs in the worst way! Their ravenous appetite and huge mouths have earned them and other horned frogs the pet-trade nickname “Pac Man frogs.”