Habitat: Madagascar
Status: Not Listed

This super badass stick insect is known as Parectatosoma hystrix, a very colorful phasmid with both males and females possessing sharp red and white spines along their bodies. The green eyes are particularly striking because, well, how often do you see an insect with bright green eyes?

While the spikes might be enough to deter a predator from making a meal of this phasmid, adult males and females also have the ability to secrete a white liquid from glands just behind their head. It’s believed that this defensive liquid is meant to cause irritation to mucous membranes. Lovely! If adults feel threatened, they will also open up their hind wings showing off the red membranous part while making a rustling noise.

These guys really have a lot of tricks up their sleeves so that they don’t become chopsticks! Badoom chh…