© Jordi Regas
via: http://bitxosdelmediterrani.blogspot.com
Habitat: Mediterranean, Canary Ids. Possibly Caribbean
Status: Not Listed
The West African Sea Hare (Elysia timida) is a radical nudibranch that has a number of tricks up its sleeve. First off, these sea slugs feed on the green algae Acetabularia acetabulum and they are able ingest and continue using the chloroplasts from the algae so that they can perform photosynthesis to create their own food. That’s pretty incredible!
But the coolest part of this sea slug is that it swims just like a bunny! Um… what, you say? Just watch the video: 

See! Bunny-licious movement! It pumps its ‘ears’ to move about. And by ears I mean rhinophores.