HOO is dis?!?! Watch out Grumpy Cat, there’s a new tabby in town…. with tons of excess hair. Meet Atchoum, whose name translates to ‘Sneezy’ in English. The cat – that looks more like an owl to me – has a condition called hypertrichosis which causes an abnormal amount of hair to grow on his small body. At only nine months old, he’s already the fluffiest feline on the block due to the haywire hair condition.

People can suffer from hypertrichosis (or Werewolf Syndrome) too, which was where the original legends of werewolves were originally thought to have stemmed from.

werewolf syndrome

Photo: weirdlife.com

His owner, Natalie of Quebec, Canada has started a Facebook and Instagram where viewers can track the hairy cats daily antics.

 Bonus: here are some pics of him as a kitten!!