marbled polecat, Vormela peregusna (6)


marbled polecat, Vormela peregusna (4)


Habitat: south-eastern Europe and western China
Status: Vulnerable

Marbled Polecats (Vormela peregusna) are an example of an animal you never really knew existed… until now. Their scientific name Vormela is from the German word Würmlein, which means “little worm,” probably because they’re wiggly little devils. Personally I think they resemble spotted hyenas if they were miniaturized by a giant ray gun, that, you know, miniaturizes. Their marbled bodies also remind me of that delicious pound cake you can never stop eating. WHY IS IT SO GOOD?!

marbled polecat, spotted hyena

From top left: Spotted Hyena…marble pound cake… and Marbled Polecat. The similarities are INCREDIBLE.

However, the marbled polecat doesn’t exactly have a delicious personality. These guys prefer to live alone, traveling extensively through their home range. That’s due to the fact that they prefer to only stay in the same shelter one time (high maintenance much)?
When and if they encounter another marbled polecat they often react in an aggressive manner.

If threatened, the polecat will raises up on its legs, arches its back, and curls its tail over their back with their long tail hair erect. They also raise their head, bare their teeth, and give shrill, short hisses. Finally, if the attacker isn’t phased by any of that, they can expel a foul-smelling secretion from anal glands under their tail. Butt-bye predator! Smell ya later!