Well folks, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we have reached OVER 1,000 LIKES on facebook!!!
So, as a big thank you, I’ve decided to do a (drumroll please)….

LIKE, OMG! Ok, now to the details: 
Joel Ward and his wife of WallWordz have generously offered to give away 3 sets of their super sick vinyl animal wall decals!! There are 4 different lines of animals that if applied in a straight line will be approximately 8ft. long, or you can cut the animals out individually and apply them however you like. The animals reach approximately 5-6″ in height down to about 1″ (birds, etc.)
If you’re interested in more info & rules on how to enter the giveaway (which are super simple, mind you) continue reading after the jump!

Each decal is made of high quality self-adhesive vinyl that will last virtually forever indoors. Put it on your walls, windows, doors…basically any clean, smooth, flat, and semi-textured surface. I think they would be absolutely adorable in a kid’s bedroom… 
…..or an animal obsessed young adult….
just saying. 

How freaking cool are these things?? Ok so you now you KNOW you want to win them, right?! Here’s how to enter the giveaway: 

1. You must like us on Facebook (if you haven’t done so already, which um, you should have!)
2. Tweet anything really nice about The Featured Creature (follow us, duh!) while including the phrase: #thefeaturedcreature
3. Comment below with your Facebook & Twitter names so I can see you actually did those things (wink, wink) along with your email address so I can reach you with shipping info!! 

Yes, do all three things!

 – So even if you do the 1st two things, no comment means no entry 🙁
 – the contest will run until this coming Monday, September 12. Winners will be announced that night!

Super easy right?? Gosh, I’m just so nice. Oh, and here’s the best part — you get to PICK YOUR COLORS!! Joel was nice enough to offer a custom made set of decals just for you! Aw, thanks Joel.
Click to enlarge the color chart below to see which one you’d like. Choose only one color, please.

So, what do you think, are you excited?? Joel is so great to donate these isn’t he? You MUST check out the rest of his items in his Etsy shop here: WallWordz. They have an amazing thing going on over there, and it’s a husband and wife team! How sweet! I highly recommend their products. Definitely tell those friends of yours who never decided to decorate their house about them!
I’m especially fond of the “Rawr Means I Love You in Dinosaur” one.
Happy tweeting and facebooking everyone! 🙂