Horned Marsupial Frog

marsupial frogimage credit: atlantabotanicalgarden.net

Pygmy Marsupial Frog

pygmy marsupial frogimage credit: Michael & Patricia Fogden/CORBIS
Habitat: Central & South America

I’m sure everyone’s familiar with Kangaroos being marsupials – they incubate their young in a special pouch until it is fully formed and ready to emerge. But did you know some special frogs do this as well? Yup! Marsupial frogs are crazy parents. What happens is, the female lays the eggs and the male catches them, pops a little fertilizer in there, and then, USING HIS TOES he places the eggs gently inside her dorsal brood pouch. The eggs are kept in contact with the female’s vascular tissue, which provides them with a source of oxygen. When the eggs turn into tadpoles they squirm outta the momma frog and she places them into some water. Now THAT’S parenting!

I really am amazed by amphibians & all their shenanigans.