sandfish skinkimage credit: aviad_br, via Flickr

sandfish skinkimage credit: danny beath, BSc, PhD., via Flickr

sandfish skink in sandimage credit:

sandfish skinkimage credit: thew…g, via Flickr
Habitat: North Africa

I got a kick out of this lizard’s scientific name: Scincus scincus. I’m going to be honest with you I have no idea why exactly I like that name so much but for some reason it really tickles my fancy. ANYWAYS in other news… this guy’s commonly referred to as a Sandfish. It’s a type of skink.

The 2nd to last picture really embodies what it means to be a Sandfish: hangin out under the sand all day and “swimming” through it to get around. It also does this as a means to escape the desert heat. By diving into the soft sand it is able to prevent overheating since it’s cold blooded.

I think this is a very cute lizard with a very cool habit. What about you?