halloween hermit crabimage credit: artour_a

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halloween hermit crabimage credit: hawaiian-reef.com

halloween hermit crabimage credit: Dana Dorda
Habitat: Indo-Pacific waters
Status: No conservation concerns

Happy Halloween everyone!
Here’s to the last day of creepy, scary, ugly animals for a while.

This unusual hermit crab is known as a Halloween Hermit Crab and October 31st isn’t the only day this creature gets all the attention. It’s extremely popular among aquarium enthusiasts for its striking coloration.

But the Halloween Hermit Crab isn’t prized just for its looks. The crab is used to clean the aquarium by removing unsightly algae growing on the glass and eating bits of leftover food. But don’t let its seemingly helpful nature fool you; the crab has been known to attack other members of the aquarium and eat them for dinner.

Would you want one of these in your aquarium? Does anyone have one?