bearded pigimage credit:

bearded pigimage credit:

Habitat: rainforests of Southeast Asia

After doing some research on the Bearded Pig I discovered why they have those long beards. They are the only swine to undertake an annual migration in which one old male leads a herd of 100 pigs through well worn paths that have been used for centuries for this very purpose. They only travel at night and rest during the day in the thick undergrowth of the rainforest. Since they are not well studied in the wild, no one knows why they carry out this migration.

I, however, can assume that the reason for the beard is simply – who has the time to shave when migrating with over a hundred other pigs? No ones going to take the time to stop for such nonsense.

Bearded pigs, I’ve also decided, remind me a lot of Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway:
tom hanks castaway

“F-ck shaving Wilson!!”