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Habitat: Philippines

As I was googling and googling away information on the Philippine Tarsier it become increasingly clear that I could not decide if what I was looking at was a sweet, furrby like creature that deserved major cuddling, or if it was a demonic little piece of fluff that desired to steal my soul.

I want to say it’s cute. I want to say it’s adorable actually.
But then I read this fact: “the Philippine Tarsier’s eyes are fixed in its skull; they cannot turn in their sockets. Instead, a special adaptation in the neck allows its round head to be rotated 180 degrees.”

So… it has to turn it’s head all around just to look at me with those huge eyes? Uhh… that’s rather upsetting. Reminds me of some sort of exorcist thing.

I’m just really unsure what I want to think about the tarsier. What do you think?