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Habitat: Brazil
Status: Least Concern
When I first laid eyes on Prince Bernhard’s Titi Monkey (Callicebus bernhardi) I knew I had found a Conan O’brien beard mimicker. Formally described in 2002,  Marc van Roosmalen and Russell Mittermeier, the creature was tracked down after locals were shown a photograph of the monkey and then asked if they knew of its whereabouts – it was referred to by them as a “Zog-zog.” 

Obviously that beard was hard to forget, as the researchers were led right to the animal’s location. In this case, those men were probably very thankful for such a bright and conspicuous feature. Will Ferrell, on the other hand, was not as impressed with Conan’s beard. He decided to come on the comedian’s show and shave that thing off once and for all – live on air. 

Check it out below!