komondor dog  (5)

photo: itsnature.org

komondor dog (2)

photo: hypervocal.com

So I was watching the Westminster Dog Show on Sunday… instead of the Grammy’s. Naturally. That’s when I got a good look at the Komondor Dog in all its dreadlocked glory.

These are a Hungarian breed of massive white dog that are sometimes referred to as “mop dogs” – and for good reason. As they mature, their naturally wavy hair will start to intertwine. The soft undercoat and course outer coat combine to form tassels, or cords, and a fully mature coat takes around two years to form. Komondor Dogs were bred to guard livestock and their appearance gives them the look of a sheep, allowing them to perfectly blend in amongst the heard they’re in charge of.

As I was researching the Komondor I realized I had no idea what a puppy version of this dog would look like. Was it just as rastafied as it is as an adult? The answer, I would find, is a big NO:

They don’t look like mops – they look like baby polar bears!! Awwwwwwwwww! Talk about C-U-T-E!

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photo: komondorpuppiesblog.com