Habitat: Brazil; Colombia; French Guiana; Guyana; Suriname
Status: Least Concern
I’m OBSESSED with this frog. Take a look at the snout on this thing! Is it just me or does it look like Kermit the frog? It’s face is absolutely adorable. If ever there was a frog to kiss to find a prince, this might just be the one. It’s even got a prince-like name: Synapturan De Miranda-ribeiro (Synapturanus mirandaribeiroi). I mean that could definitely be a prince in Italy or something. I’m still not at the desperate stage of finding a man through kissing a frog though… but who knows how long that will last.
These cuties live under leaf-litter and in holes in the ground within humid tropical forests at low elevations. They lays large, terrestrial eggs, which develop into non-feeding tadpoles on the ground (they don’t develop in the water like most tadpoles). I can only imagine how adorbz the babies would be if this is what they grow up to look like!