Copyright holder: Brian Mayes,  © All Rights Reserved
Copyright holder: Brian Mayes,  © All Rights Reserved
© Dave Harasti
 Habitat: Queensland, New South Wales, and Western Australia
Status: No Conservation Concerns

This spongy-looking creature is the Smooth Frogfish (Histiophryne bougainvilli) and it kind of reminds me of a cousin of Spongebob or something. Like other frogfish, this one uses its specialized pectoral fins to walk along the ocean floor. It has a tiny lure that it flicks back and forth to try and tantalize unsuspecting victims to come a little closer… until… BAM! Noms. 
Ok now best part about this frogfish is how it takes care of its eggs. It shields them (about 100 eggs, measuring 3-4mm) in a pocket formed by the pectoral fin and the tail. Can we get a close up of that last picture please… DO YOU SEE?!?? (red dragon South Park voice)
Look at those big ol’ bug eyes peaking out of their translucent jelly-like eggs homes.  How cuuuute are these babies?! I feel like that one in the middle is looking at me being like *blink* *blink.* I’d really like to touch its bald little ‘head’ but I doubt momma frogfish would be too fond of that plan.