honduran white batimage credit: kevinschafer.com
honduran white batimage credit: centralamericagrapevine.com 

honduran white batimage credit: heylittlebat.blogspot.com
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honduran white batimage credit: blogs.yahoo.co.jp
honduran white batimage credit: arkive.org
Habitat: Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and western Panama

So I know a lot of people have a fear of bats and I can see where that can come from, since the bats that you typically think of probably aren’t the most attractive or friendly. But if you don’t think this little bat is cute then I’m sorry there’s really something much more serious wrong with you.At just 37-47 mm long, this teeny-tiny bat reminds me of those marshmallows you put in your hot cocoa.

These little marshmallows are quite the craftsmen which is why their other name is the Honduran White Tent Bat. They cut the side veins of the Heliconia plant, causing them to fold down and form a large “tent.” They cling to the roof of the tent in small colonies (usually around a dozen) with one male and several females.

This bat really had a “camping theme” going on. Tents. Marshmallows. What a cute animal!

Now I want to go camping in hopes to find them!

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