laughing kookaburraimage credit:

laughing kookaburraimage credit: radio4, via Flickr
Habitat: Eastern Australia but have been introduced to a few surrounding areas as well

Laughing Kookaburras are merry old souls that basically laugh their days away. One bird starts with a low, hiccupping chuckle, then throws its head back in loud, harsh laughter. Typically several others will join in. If a rival tribe is within earshot and replies, the whole family soon gathers to fill the bush with ringing laughter.

I saw this picture in the Telegraph and had to share it. The story is just too cute:

duckling and baby kookaburraimage credit:

“This baby six-week old kookaburra called Kookie and a tiny duckling have struck up a friendship at the Seaview Wildlife Encounter, near Ryde in the Isle of Wight. Kookie was saved by staff after they feared his parents would kill him. And the duckling was rescued from one of the park’s aviaries because he was thought too small to defend himself against larger birds. Keepers took a chance and decided to see what would happen if they were put together. The duckling instantly cuddled up under Kookie’s protective wing, thinking he was his mum and Kookie didn’t seem to mind playing the caring parent.”

Now they both can laugh together! Hooray! Haha….Hahaha….HAHAHA… Damn this Kookaburra laughter really is contagious.. hah.